Cancellation and Refund

Refund Policy

Refunds will be made to the consumers' by way of bank transfer, within 5 days of processing such refunds.

Cancel and Return Policy

An order can be cancelled at any point of time before your order is Picked Up. Once delivered, the order cannot be returned unless the delivery made is not the same as the order placed by the customer.

Return of products will only be accepted in the case the wrong product, other than what has been specified in the order, has been delivered or the product's expiry date is within 2 months.

Please Note: No return of electronic items will be made after the product has been delivered.

Medicine Return Policy

Cases where medicine(s) is eligible for return:

  • is different from the ones you ordered
  • is lost or damaged during transit
  • is past its expiry date
  • is defective in nature

Cases where medicine(s) is NOT eligible for return:

  • is without original packing/accessories
  • is without the proper bill
  • is used or tampered with
  • is unused/has been un-prescribed by your doctor

Please make sure that you check your orders at the time of delivery and report any return request before you pay our delivery executives.